Euthanasia: The Final Solution They Call “Rainbow Bridge”

Here’s a wake-up call for all you brain-dead “Rainbow Bridge” believers. If you’re reading this and you don’t know what I’m talking about, go here:

When you’re finished throwing up, come on back.

If you believe in this “Rainbow Bridge” bullshit, you have already convinced yourselves that euthanasia is a “peaceful,” “painless” way out for your ailing pets. How in the hell do you know that? Did your pet come back to you in a vision and say, “Yeah, man—it was a great trip. I totally recommend it to all your future fur-babies. I’ll be waiting on the other side of that rainbow thing as a subservient creature to lick your ugly face the day you kick the bucket.”

It’s absurd. It’s absolutely fucking stupid. In fact, it’s so vile that nobody will step forward to admit authorship. Only a complete moron would buy into this myth instead of just facing death as it comes. You want to reduce your pet’s pain? Hook him up to a morphine drip and let him sleep. The only reason why you fuckers put down your animals in the first place is because you’re tired of them shitting on the floor instead of the litter-box, vomiting after eating and refusing to play or hang out with you anymore. It has nothing to do with sending them over a “rainbow bridge” to heaven. It’s all about you and how you deal with your guilt. If your child had a terminal disease and somebody suggested that you rid yourself of the burden and put him to rest by injecting him with paralytic, heart-stopping drugs, would you do it? Why, no, of course not! You’d be completely outraged.

And there’s the great irony. We are supposed to save every single goddamned child on the planet who is unfortunate enough to get cancer and winds up at St. Jude, but we aren’t supposed to shell out the same money to save our pets. We have to end their misery because that is the way some Nazi veterinarians think our pets want to die. Yes, I’m sure their idea of a peaceful death is to lie terrified on a steel table at the vet’s office getting a needle shoved in their veins by strangers who smell like other people’s dogs. This is the insanity that all you deluded Disneyland addicts force on us. Save the children at all costs, but let’s put the animals to sleep. And don’t feel bad—why, they’re waiting for us on the other side of Rainbow fucking Bridge!

Well, I don’t think that the prize you win for murdering your pet is a trip to a grassy field where you think you’re going to frolic for all eternity. No, just the opposite. You know where it is, and what I’m talking about, and it’s where you are going while your pet is elevated to whatever post-existence plane innocent souls encounter. This “Rainbow Bridge” deal is nothing more than a rationale to kill. I’m sure many concentration camp guards in WWII Germany invented a similar story inside their twisted brains to justify their murder of millions of people who never did anything to deserve the Final Solution. Indeed, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if the reason why no one knows who wrote this sickening, saccharine fairy tale is because the writer agrees with the principles of the Third Reich and keeps a copy of Mein Kampf on his bedside table.

If you’re completely offended, then I have done my job. Now, go and do yours. Look up on the Internet what really happens when you have your pet “put to sleep.” It isn’t pretty, it isn’t peaceful, and it isn’t by any means painless. Start here:

If you want to read another cynic’s view of “Rainbow Bridge,” go here: